Manufacture of Products and Provision of Services

14.06.2023 16:00

What documents do I need to prepare for export?

03.06.2023 14:32

What are the legal aspects of international contracts and trade?

31.05.2023 21:05

...on my wallet, wouldn't that be considered financial fraud?

If so, how can it be circumvented?

01.06.2023 19:35

I receive the interest agreed upon with the owner, issuing an invoice for the amount earned. Now she is asking me to buy my cash register and fill my massages on it, because she has a very large ZUS due to the fact that we both fill checks on the same cash register. And the interest she had from me, she will invoice me and I will pay her.

Which option is best for me?

If you buy a cash register, are there any benefits for people with Ukrainian status?

What percentage will be returned to me for the purchase of a cash register?

31.05.2023 21:15

... a person does not want to change the meter for the one they offer (such an intrusive service with threats). They threaten to turn off the electricity in 5 days, although we pay for electricity not DTEK, but YASNO?