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Why does a person who is a student not have a deferment in reserve+? And so with many. They say that it is necessary to receive and go. But isn't it a given period of study?

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If you apply for several graduate programs and pass 2, where are you willing to hire a person on the budget. Will the refusal of 1 postgraduate course be considered as a refusal of a budget place with subsequent confiscation of the right to enter the budget? And thus fly in both places on a budget

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How to issue a disability group with several diagnoses

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The mere fact of studying full-time or dually does not automatically mean that the student has a deferment.

To get a postponement, you need to contact the territorial procurement center (TCC), submit an application and supporting documents. They include an extract from the enrollment order and a certificate from the educational institution. The TCC, in turn, can verify the fact of training by sending a corresponding request to the educational institution.

Also, in order to receive a deferment, you will most likely need to go through such stages as updating credentials and passing a military medical board.

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In the case of illness or injury, a military person is sent to the nearest medical facility, where they can provide appropriate assistance. It is there that he or she must officially undergo treatment.

If you are being treated in a military hospital, you need to write a report in the name of the head of the hospital, because during the treatment you are under the authority of the latter. There must be reasons for this (for example, lack of necessary equipment or specialists). In case of refusal to transfer to another hospital, you have the right to appeal it.

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You need to see your family doctor for diagnosis, a full medical examination and treatment. A complete medical examination means that within five days you must pass the necessary tests and go through all specialized doctors who will draw conclusions about your illness.

Each of the doctors makes his entry in the patient's medical card, as well as in form 088/o - "Referral to the medical-social-expert commission (MSEK)". It must be filled out by the family or chief physician and information about the patient, his illness and the reasons for granting disability must be entered into the form.

Form 088/o must first be considered by the medical advisory commission established at the medical institution. When all members of the commission agree on the results of the examination and sign form 088/o, you will be referred for a medical and social examination. The examination must take place within five working days — since the LKK sent your referral.

The commission must make a decision within five working days from the date of receipt of documents from the medical advisory commission. During the first examination of the MSEK, you must be accompanied by her family doctor or the head of the LKK.

Documents to be submitted to MSEK:

  1. completed referral form 088/o, signed by the head and members of the LKK with the seal of the medical institution;

  2. passport and a copy of the passport;

  3. medical card of an outpatient (ambulatory book - form 025/o);

  4. employment book and its copy, certified by the personnel department of the last place of work or by a notary;

  5. originals of all documents entered in form 088/s, namely: health certificates from a surgeon, neurologist, therapist and other specialists. It is important that there are documents from specialists on the disease for which the patient expects to receive a disability status.

  6. In addition, original X-ray examination and laboratory tests are required. The diagnosis of the patient according to the main disease must be described in an extract from the medical history (epicrisis).

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A fine of 17,000 hryvnias is provided for ignoring a summons by mail, as for violating military records.