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17.07.2024 09:46

The mere fact of studying full-time or dually does not automatically mean that the student has a deferment.

To get a postponement, you need to contact the territorial procurement center (TCC), submit an application and supporting documents. They include an extract from the enrollment order and a certificate from the educational institution. The TCC, in turn, can verify the fact of training by sending a corresponding request to the educational institution.

Also, in order to receive a deferment, you will most likely need to go through such stages as updating credentials and passing a military medical board.

17.07.2024 09:44

In the case of illness or injury, a military person is sent to the nearest medical facility, where they can provide appropriate assistance. It is there that he or she must officially undergo treatment.

If you are being treated in a military hospital, you need to write a report in the name of the head of the hospital, because during the treatment you are under the authority of the latter. There must be reasons for this (for example, lack of necessary equipment or specialists). In case of refusal to transfer to another hospital, you have the right to appeal it.

16.07.2024 16:20

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