Real Estate

04.05.2024 22:47

How to correctly draw up an apartment for my father or mother if I am abroad, a donation agreement? How to draw it up correctly, a sample. And do I have to present the title to a foreign notary?

03.05.2024 13:59

Can the owner of the apartment, who is abroad, gift the property (apartment) to his wife. The consulate does not provide services. How can this be done?

20.02.2024 18:17

Congratulations! The following situation has developed in our family. We want to sell an apartment in Ukraine, which was bought in marriage and registered for my husband. The man is currently in Bulgaria and cannot enter Ukraine. Question: can my husband draw up a power of attorney for me from a local Bulgarian notary so that I come to Ukraine and sell real estate? Is only a power of attorney from a Ukrainian notary required? Thanks for the answer.

31.01.2024 22:12

If a part of the apartment is donated by general assignment - will this be taken into account in the next sale of other real estate?

05.12.2023 12:43

real estate ownership? Does the data still get into the newly created register of conscripts?