Inheritance Law

19.02.2024 14:17

Is it possible to refuse the inheritance if the heir was a minor at the time of its acceptance?

Six months have passed since the day of his death.

16.02.2024 18:25

Is it possible to issue a deed of gift for an apartment if the owner of the apartment and the recipient are abroad?

And what is needed for this?

The apartment is located in Ukraine.

04.02.2024 12:03

My grandmother died 20 years ago, my daughter and granddaughter, who are registered there, have been living in the house all this time. How to properly transfer the house to your daughter.

03.02.2024 21:39

How to make a death certificate if the father died in the occupied territory, but we have a death certificate from a doctor?

15.01.2024 09:52

Please tell me what documents must be taken to the notary to write an application for acceptance of inheritance?