Rights of Internally Displaced Persons

05.02.2024 15:09

We are immigrants from the Donetsk region, Konstantinovka. There is fighting in our area. We moved at the end of September 2023 to live in the Kyiv region. After moving to Kyiv, they registered with Tsnapa and received assistance from higher education institutions at the end of September 2023. Until this moment, no HPE assistance was issued or received. In January, our payments were suspended due to the fact that we were abroad for more than 30 days in the summer. The child studies at the University in Kyiv, my youngest and I sit at home studying online.

This was explained to us by what is written in the payment instructions. I read, it says that for those who have already received a higher education qualification and are abroad for more than 30 days and at the same time receive a higher education qualification. And we started registering after we returned.

Is it legal to cancel HPE assistance in our case?

04.02.2024 12:41

IDP from Kherson, currently living in Ternopil. I have children aged 3 and 16. I work remotely at the Kherson school

21.09.2023 16:50

...to the local aid center, wrote an application, and funds began to arrive only in July. Where do I go to get paid from December to July?