Consumer Rights

20.02.2024 18:25

She became a victim of fraud through OLH. The money was transferred to the card, the product is not available, the seller does not contact. Which law is on my side?

27.12.2023 12:39

The product passport and warranty card are lost, but the purchase receipt is available. Is it possible to count on the exchange of the purchased goods according to Part 1 of Art. 9 "Consumer rights when purchasing goods of appropriate quality" of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights"? The period of 14 days has not yet passed, the condition of the goods satisfies Art. 9 of this Law.

12.12.2023 11:10

online. The ones I ordered did not arrive at all. The store does not get in touch, they do not respond to SMS either. What shall I do?

11.09.2023 18:08 for the package in which the seller packs the goods?

04.09.2023 09:21

Of course, no one uses gas there, but the payments are "divided" into payments throughout the year and do not depend on the volume consumed.

23.08.2023 09:21

As of February 24, 2022, there was no arrears in utility payments. During the occupation, we used water, gas, and electricity. There are meters for everything. average indicators. The city is being shelled. The debt is growing. I can't issue the subsidy as there is debt, but it appeared already during the occupation. What should we do?

14.08.2023 19:08

...for warmth. How warm, isn't it there? What shall I do?

10.08.2023 15:08

My family and I left the occupied territory for more than a year. The village is still under occupation. Recently, the Russian military moved into our house. I am interested in the question, if they will use communal services (light, gas), I may have debts and whether this may affect the blocking of the bank card in the future. How to be in this situation, what should be done?