Criminal Law

11.09.2023 18:02

The police and the local police officer are inactive.

There is a CCTV recording.

The neighbor also insults us.

But the district police officer says that this is just damage to property and nothing threatens people's lives, because there were no people in the entrance to the video when the neighbor broke the peephole with a hammer ... and according to the article, hooliganism cannot attract him.

Please tell me where we can go to get help?

04.09.2023 09:23

...of domestic violence with a request to enter the information in the ERDR, the police are silent. What should I do if my statement about a case of domestic violence is ignored?

28.08.2023 20:18

... due to martial law to check the documents, in the end they issued a fine for the wrong crossing of the roadway, although I was walking across the roadway, to which they refused to show the video recording, to which they replied, we also need to earn money for food, I refused to sign the forms, the fine in action is already present, what to do with it?

25.08.2023 12:14

How to prosecute a person from Viber chat?

21.08.2023 11:38

...the neighbor's children shout until 12 in the morning, abuse alcohol, when they are told to calm down, they specially shout louder. Age from 14 years old. I am interested in the articles of the laws that they violate, so that it is possible to talk to the precinct officer on an equal basis, because this is a village and he will do nothing.

19.08.2023 09:27

...of domestic violence in the past (battering) should someone report it to the police for further investigation?

10.08.2023 11:38

I live in the occupied territory, a criminal case was opened at the end of 2020. Time passed, and due to many reasons, the case did not reach the court, and then the war began. I suffered in the case. Now my witness and the criminal are being "drowned" by Russian standards. After filtering, will they be punished and how will I recover my case? Is it possible to do something now? How can I find out what is wrong with my case in general?