Intellectual Property

11.01.2024 15:48

Good day! Please tell me how to issue intellectual property for the project step-by-step, is it necessary to open an FOP and what documents are needed?

I will be grateful for the answer!

13.07.2023 21:11

I read somewhere that the author's consent is not required when covering current events.

11.07.2023 10:03

... photo and plagiarized the product.

It is difficult to fight with them. But now this product is also sold in Ukraine, with our photos taken in our studio. The store was asked to remove it and sent a photo proof that everything is from our studio. They refuse to remove it, citing that they bought it in China. But we have original photos as proof of ownership

How to act in this case?

28.06.2023 20:22

How to transfer the intellectual rights to the program to another person?

27.06.2023 15:17

I created a program. How to get intellectual property rights for it?