Civil Legal Relations

23.02.2024 11:39

Residence in Kyiv, now living in Ternopil. Or just go to Kyiv?

29.07.2023 22:10

I was filming in a public place, a girl came up to me and demanded to stop filming. When I said no, she started threatening me. How should I act in this situation?

27.07.2023 21:11

Does a teacher who is in the occupied territory have the right to work online in a school that works remotely in the territory controlled by Ukraine?

26.07.2023 20:11

I live in an apartment building. Our garbage cans fill up very quickly. Municipal services come to pick up garbage once a month, at that time we already have a landfill next to the dumpster. How should we act?

26.07.2023 10:28

...not girlish, but different. Is it possible to do it and how, where to apply?

25.07.2023 21:17

Can the police check the documents and ask to show them, if I have not violated anything?

20.07.2023 21:51

Without my knowledge, they sawed branches in the yard, which seemed to interfere with the wires on the posts, and with this branch they broke one section of my fence. I called the oblenergo hotline, they lied that they are not responsible for such actions of employees. Who should reimburse the repair?

14.07.2023 19:05

The neighbor's dog bit. Now I am undergoing treatment. Serious leg injury. How can you demand money from the owner of the dog?