Trust Property

20.04.2024 12:40

How to make a power of attorney for your own property for a relative?

25.12.2023 22:05

is it possible to rewrite the house for a cat?

10.08.2023 15:10

I can't find information on how much it costs to register a power of attorney for real estate at the Antalya consulate. Also, can you explain in plain language how to extend this power of attorney if it has not been used within 2 months? How much does it cost?

18.07.2023 18:40

There is a man with disability group 1, bedridden. His wife has a power of attorney to manage all his affairs. They have a son who is the owner of the house in which the father must be registered. If the son makes a power of attorney for his mother, will she be able to register her husband at the new address of residence in TsNAP without the presence of the owner of both powers of attorney?

28.04.2023 19:25

... languages), and in Germany to certify with a notary? Will it definitely be valid in Ukraine?

28.04.2023 19:26

... abroad and we need to divide the property after the divorce, how can this be done? Is it possible to write statements here, have them certified by a German notary, write a power of attorney for other people in Ukraine to create a property division agreement and have these people sign the agreement in Ukraine based on the statements written in Germany?

And is it possible to write a power of attorney for the sale of a car in Ukraine at a notary in German?