Administrative Law

23.01.2024 07:28

What is known about it? And what will be the fines?

09.11.2023 18:17

Can a person be prosecuted for making threats in Wybury?

12.09.2023 19:36

...accordingly, the Department of Education became the balance keeper.

At the moment, part of this premises is used for the needs of the administration of the village council.

Can the village council enter into a lease agreement with the department of education for part of this premises, in order to subsequently enter into an agreement on the reimbursement of expenses for the consumed electricity?

07.09.2023 18:14

... within the set deadline. The complaint should be written to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

01.09.2023 18:53

...until 2014. Since the same time, the city has been occupied. how to be RACs in Ukraine do not see this certificate, they say that there is no document confirming the marriage. What should I do in this situation?

23.08.2023 09:19

Required to indicate the last place of residence

17.08.2023 09:24

...decisions (I am interested in the text), in particular, the decision on the allocation of official housing, because I found only a list of such decisions on the website?

15.08.2023 20:40

...Joint reporting during martial law?